February 27, 2012 by lafarmer23

Hello WONDERFUL Friends and Family,

The Lord has amazing, new things on the horizon. Jesus has hand picked me to be one of about 150 students at Iris Ministries, Harvest School of Missions in Pemba, Mozambique!!!  The Lord put a seed about the school last April.  Around that time and even a little before my heart began to beat for Africa.  I had not watched any videos or researched it or anything, God just started putting it on my heart.  I began looking up information about the school and God told me it was not yet time, I was to focus everything on Ukraine becasue I was getting ready to go there for two months.  As soon as I returned home in September, I began praying and seeking the Lord’s will for what was next.  I felt so strong in my spirit that I needed to apply for Harvest School.  After counseling with my parents first and then my pastors and my mentor, I submitted an application.  About a week ago I recieved my acceptance letter!!! It’s official, I AM GOING TO AFRICA!!! Now you may have several questions, like What is Harvest School?  Why do you need to go to Africa to learn about Missions?  When is the school and how long is it, etc….so let me do my best to answer those for you.

WHAT is Harvest School?

A ministry school started by Roland and Heidi Baker that trains up radical lovers of Jesus to be missionaries in the dark and dying areas of the world that need the LOVE and light of Jesus.  There will be classes as well as lots of practical on the field ministry time where we will learn hands on.

WHEN is Harvest School?

June 1 – August 9 2012 Plus there are extended outreaches that are 2-3 weeks each.

WHY go all the way to AFRICA?

Heidi heavily focuses on the orphans, the poor, the unloved and the rejected.  I feel such a connection to her heart and I know she has so much that I can learn from and she and her team have something that the Lord wants to impart to all the students.  I have a strong calling to missions and want to learn from the best so I can be the best through Christ!!

HOW will I get to AFRICA?

This is where I need YOUR help.  In order to participate in this school, I need to raise an estimated $6000. Let me break this down for you:

TUITION COST: $2800 – DUE IN FULL by April 25th


Communal Housing, a basic diet, and outreach transportation. This DOES NOT include: Toilet paper, taxi or trips downtown, spending money, snacks, cost of airfare, visa, travel insurance or drinking water.


AIRFARE: $1200- $2500


TRAVEL INSURANCE: Not sure yet, but probably $3.00- $4.00 / day


WATER: $100 or price of GOOD water filter.

EXTRA $: $200-$300

THIS INCLUDES: Taxi and trips into the city, extra food such as fruits or veggies and snacks if needed, toilet paper and other essentials, emergency money.

HOW can YOU help?

If you would like to donate you may mail a check or give online.  I am having all donations sent to my church and they will then get those funds to me.  NOTE: if you mail a check, my name MAY NOT appear on the check, but instead put a note inside stating that the donation is for Lori Farmer. This will ensure your donation is tax deductible.

Mail Checks to:


4015 N Weber St. Unit R

Colorado Springs, Co 80907

OR follow this link to give online:

THANK YOU first of all for taking time to read this. Sorry it was so long.  Also thank you for prayerfully considering partnering with me to bring God’s Kingdom to earth around the World!! I believe this school is a strategic step in what God has for me in UKRAINE and the nations of the earth!!

For more info about Iris or the school visit




One thought on “Iris Ministries, HARVEST SCHOOL OF MISSIONS in AFRICA!!

  1. Yay!!! I am so excited for you Lori!!! You are incredible and God has such an exciting journey ahead! =D I am praying for you! Love you!

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